Grass Cutting & Lawn Mowing Services in Barnsley

Grass Cutting & Lawn Mowing Services in Barnsley

Twiggs Grounds Maintenance offer a complete lawn mowing and grass cutting service for commercial and domestic customers. 

No job is too small or too large and we mow everything from a small 3 metre squared lawn to football pitches and school playing fields.

We provide a local service and due to the way we work, we are able to cover a large area with our qualifies garden operatives.

As with our hedge trimming service we can schedule our visits as often as you need to keep your hedge in good condition throughout the year.

Grass Cutting Services

  • On Demand Delivery – Call us, and we will be with you as soon as possible. Our cost will depend size and condition of the lawn primarily. Prices start from £10 per cut.  We will always confirm the price with you first, before any work is done.
  • Regular Service – This is a fixed-price service for an agreed number of visits during the year. Each visit is scheduled, so you can be sure your lawn will always be maintained and looking good. You can then sit back and enjoy your garden.

We offer better value if you choose our regular lawn mowing service.

To begin all we need is to hear from you, we will pop round and give you a free estimate.  So give us a call.

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Terms & Conditions

Grass Cutting – Prior to commencement of Grass Cutting TGM will litter pick the area to be cut. TGM will cut the entire of any grassed area to a recognised industry standard for the intended use. TGM will not be held responsible for grass clumping due to damp weather conditions or where grass arising’s are to remain on site and uncollected.

Grass Collection – Where grass cuttings are to be collected, TGM will ensure care is taken to remove cuttings and leave a clean finish.  TGM will not be held responsible for minor clumping and small amounts of grass remaining where weather conditions are difficult.

Strimming – When strimming TGM will ensure the grass is cut to the height of the surrounding area and will ensure that arising’s are mechanically blown off all public rights of way unless otherwise required in the contract. Areas will be left if damage to vehicles, property, operators or third parties are at risk. A cost may be incurred if the areas are required to be strimmed by the client and time is lost due to vehicles being moved or where a follow up visit is required.

Grass Contamination – TGM will take reasonable care to ensure minimum contamination of the surrounding area, obstructions with grass arising’s, but will not be held responsible for contamination unless specified in the contract. As will be case where grass clippings cannot be removed from hard surfaces practicably due to a damp conditions.